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  • Sontext Panels – Thickness Counts!

    Most architects and interior designers these days are aware of the importance of acoustics in the design of an interior commercial space. Clients, and building occupants too, have become much more demanding in this regard, and now have high expectations of sound quality and noise minimization in interior spaces. Acoustics-related terms like unwanted noise, reverberation […]

  • Noisy Video Conferencing Rooms- Acoustic Treatment

    Speech Clarity is critical in Teleconference Facilities Sontext were recently contacted by a company that was having acoustic problems in their video conferencing room. Excessive reverberation (echo) in the room meant it was difficult for the clients or colleagues to hear speech clearly. Speech clarity is a common problem in such spaces, especially those that have been converted […]

  • Panels – Do I Need them in a Sound Studio?

    Sound Studio Acoustics need special attention to optimise sound quality Yes – When designing a recording or sound studio it is very important to consider potential sound reflection or absorption from the wall or ceiling surfaces. By using a combination of sound absorption and sound diffusion, the sound quality being recorded or produced can be enhanced quite considerably. […]

  • Fabric Panels : Does it Work?

    Does “acoustic fabric” really exist? We at Sontext get calls every week from designers asking , “We need sound absorbing panels on our project – how do we know if the fabric we want to use can be used on Acoustic Panels? “. Some fabric or textile manufacturers actually quote their  fabrics as “Acoustic“, but what […]

  • Panels Qatar Rotana Ballroom

    Sontext have been appointed as the acoustic supplier to the Rotana ballroom in Qatar, Our distributor Deco Project Trading has been appointed as the key installer and supplier through Dragoni  Doha. The products selected were Sonofonic acoustic Ceiling panels and Murano Acoustic Wood panels.

  • Acoustic Panels UAE

    Sontext are pleased to announce that we have appointed SIG Middle East as a distributor for the UAE. SIG are a company that has many years experience in the supply of Interior Building products. SIG represent many of the worlds leading Architectural supply companies and now have Sontext’s Acoustic Panel range  available to their many clients. […]

  • ART Panels – Where Art Meets Acoustics

    Sontext has released a digitally printed  Acoustic Panel called ARTPANEL. At the core of ARTPanels is the same sound absorbing structure as conventional fabric- wrapped Serenity Acoustic Panels from SONTEXT. (Actual sound absorption performance can be found on the Serenity Panel Data Sheet). Serenity ARTPANEL can become as beautiful art works in their own right,  in the form […]