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  • Acoustics Kuwait

    One of the largest noise problems in construction of apartments is the footfall noise or noise that is transmitted through the floor to the room below. By working with KEO Consulting Engineers the MappySil under slab insulation noise barrier was chosen.Sontext is a supplier of a wide range of acoustic solutions and contacted MappyItalia to […]

  • Reduce Noise in Cafeteria – Sontext Panels

    Murano Acoustic Panels with a dark walnut veneer have been  installed in the suspended ceiling grid of a cafeteria, as shown in the picture. The panels were supplied with a 3mm round hole perforation pattern, resulting in a stylish ceiling area that also provides the required amount of sound absorption. Sontext Marketing Manager Geoff Coghlan said “ARTAS […]

  • Timber Panels

    Murano Acoustic Timber Panels are an important part of the Sontext range of Acoustic Products. The great thing about Murano Acoustic Panels is the choice that the designer has in choosing a finish and Pattern. Murano Timber acoustic panels are available  in Decorative Timber finish, Paint, Natural Wood Veneer and the new UV finished Wood […]

  • Video Conferencing Rooms Acoustic Treatment

    Achieving high sound quality in video conferencing or teleconferencing rooms requires special attention to reverberation and reflected sound . This is particularly important if the room was not originally designed for the purpose. Many current video conferencing rooms have hard reflective surfaces on walls, ceilings, tables, etc, which will cause reverberation or increased noise levels. This means that the sound […]

  • Auditorium Acoustic Treatment

    Achieving perfect sound production or producing the perfect rendition of a performance can be difficult if there is too much noise or reverberation in the Auditorium. This can be the result of too many hard surfaces which will have a detrimental effect on the sound quality. One of the ways to treat this is problem […]

  • Church Acoustics, Diffusion and Absorption

    Church Acoustics can be one of the most difficult areas of acoustical design, due to the number of specific requirements of a church auditorium. Whether this is for amplified music, speech or for stage presentations (e.g. Choirs), the acoustic requirements vary significantly. In many old church buildings as in the old cathedrals of Europe there […]

  • Noise Problem in BER Schools

    Now that most of the Federal Government B.E.R. (Building Education Revolution) projects are almost complete many schools are discovering that classrooms or multipurpose halls are almost unusable due to poor acoustics. The reason usually is that not enough attention has been given to the many demanding uses forsuch venues – resulting in very reverberant or noisy spaces. At Sontext […]

  • Church Hall Acoustics

    Many Church Halls are used as multipurpose venues where sound quality is an important attribute.  Refurbishing an old, reverberant Church Hall so it can be used for a wide variety of  activities can be demanding. On weekends, hall uses may include music performances, church services or presentations using a public address system. During the week the same hall may be […]

  • Custom Made Serenity Panels by Sontext

    When Acoustically treating a boardroom or a meeting room there may be limited spaces to apply a sound absorbing treatment. To reduce noise or reverberation in a meeting room you need to apply Fabric Covered acoustic panels to the walls or ceilings. Where this becomes difficult due to the amount of glass or a wall […]

  • Serenity Panels in Kuwait School

    Recently Serenity Acoustic Panels by Sontext were installed in the Sada Hearing Rehabilitation Centre in Kuwait. The Acoustic Wall Panels were installed by The  Fit-out Division, ANCC of Kuwait. The panels were designed in association with Ms Dena Al Nashie a local Acoustic Engineer. The Serenity Acoustic Panels were installed in corridors to reduce the noise […]