Acoustic Art Panels

  • ART Panels – Where Art Meets Acoustics

    Sontext has released a digitally printed  Acoustic Panel called ARTPANEL. At the core of ARTPanels is the same sound absorbing structure as conventional fabric- wrapped Serenity Acoustic Panels from SONTEXT. (Actual sound absorption performance can be found on the Serenity Panel Data Sheet). Serenity ARTPANEL can become as beautiful art works in their own right,  in the form […]

  • Noise in Conference Rooms

    Obtrusive background noise, and its effect on speech clarity is a common problem in busy office meeting space environments. With unbacked carpet tiles often replacing traditional carpet and underlay in many general offices, boardrooms or conference rooms,  these spaces can experience a significant increase in noise problems of this type. One solution to background office noise is to install sound absorbing panels over hard surfaces, such as plasterboard or […]

  • Sontext Panels In Studio

        By introducing Acoustic Panels into a Sound Studio  or rehearsal room not only do you remove unwanted echo or reverberation but you can improve the sound quality significantly. In this project Newcastle University (designed by Acoustic Studios of Sydney) the panels vary in size thickness, and  in structure to enhance the performance of […]

  • Sontext Art Panels in High Resolution

      Serenity  ArtPanels are fabric-faced acoustic panels overprinted with a high resolution image. Sontext understands how important it is to choose a fabric (either gloss or matt) and a printing process that will not compromise the sound absorbing qualities of ARTPanels. Sontext works with printing professional Jan Booth, who has many years experience and is a leading industry expert in this field. The result, […]