Acoustic Panel UAE

  • Sontext Panels – Thickness Counts!

    Most architects and interior designers these days are aware of the importance of acoustics in the design of an interior commercial space. Clients, and building occupants too, have become much more demanding in this regard, and now have high expectations of sound quality and noise minimization in interior spaces. Acoustics-related terms like unwanted noise, reverberation […]

  • Acoustic Panels UAE

    Sontext are pleased to announce that we have appointed SIG Middle East as a distributor for the UAE. SIG are a company that has many years experience in the supply of Interior Building products. SIG represent many of the worlds leading Architectural supply companies and now have Sontext’s Acoustic Panel range  available to their many clients. […]

  • Panels – Walls and Ceilings Doha

    Australian acoustic panel supplier, Sontext, and Fabritrak System Inc. are currently installing Fabric Covered Acoustic  Walls and Ceilings at the World Trade Centre, Doha, through our Qatar Partner Deco Trading. Working with the head contractor ARABTEC, Sontext and Deco Trading have completed prototypes for a unique curved ceiling and wall that could only be achieved by using the […]

  • Office Noise Problem Solved with Sontext Panels

    One of the most common problems in todays office environment is background noise. This can be simply reverberation (“echo”) or reflected sound from hard surfaces, or the extra noise generated by other people, printers, air conditioning, etc. Common causes of reflected sound  hard are  surfaces such as glass, plasterboard and even unbacked carpet tile. This environment leads to sound simply bouncing around the room, interfering […]