Acoustic Wood Panels

  • Sontext Real Wood Veneer

    Real Wood Veneer Acoustic Panels Sontext Acoustics have released a new website, . In conjunction, Sontext Acoustics have released their new range of Real Wood Veneers. Swatches are available from Sontext via Sontext Real Wood Veneers are available as a decorative finish on both Sontext acoustic and solid wood panel ranges. Visit the Sontext website at the […]

  • Acoustic Wood Slats by Murano

    Peter Elliot Architects worked with Acoustic Consulting Australia to design a innovative wall and ceiling treatment that was not only  highly decorative but also reduced reverberant noise in the School  Dining Room at Melbourne Grammar. Sontext were contacted to see what solution could be developed that met the design requirements but also achieved an NRC of 0.95. The school […]

  • Reduce Noise in Cafeteria – Sontext Panels

    Murano Acoustic Panels with a dark walnut veneer have been  installed in the suspended ceiling grid of a cafeteria, as shown in the picture. The panels were supplied with a 3mm round hole perforation pattern, resulting in a stylish ceiling area that also provides the required amount of sound absorption. Sontext Marketing Manager Geoff Coghlan said “ARTAS […]

  • Timber Panels

    Murano Acoustic Timber Panels are an important part of the Sontext range of Acoustic Products. The great thing about Murano Acoustic Panels is the choice that the designer has in choosing a finish and Pattern. Murano Timber acoustic panels are available  in Decorative Timber finish, Paint, Natural Wood Veneer and the new UV finished Wood […]

  • Acoustic Wood Panels, Really Green – Sontext

    Leed Certified and FSC Acoustic Wood Panels Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are more than just a Wood panel with holes in it that has some acoustic performance. Recently Ecospecifier reviewed Murano Acoustic Wood/Timber Panels and have rated them against LEED, Green Star and other environmental criteria and the results are amazing. The basic substrate which […]

  • Sontext Wood Panels in Function Room

    Sontext manufacture and sell Murano Acoustic Wood Panels as part of their Acoustic Panels Range. This project is a function room at an RSL Retirement village in Narrabeen, Sydney Australia. The project was designed by Hummel Architects  ( Dee Why) Sydney  and built by Zadro Constructions. Hummel Architect’s aim was to create a design feature as well […]