Noisy Reception

  • Cafe Noise – Fix with Serenity Panels

    Hard surfaces increase Café Noise Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels can reduce Café Noise significantly by soaking up reflected sound, or echo. Recently Sontext installed  Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels at The Oakridge Winery in the Yarra Valley  near  Melbourne. The dining area was very noisy with hard surfaces and lots of glass, making speech difficult. Working with the Architect 2LINQ, Sontext were able […]

  • Decorative Panels – A Solution for Noisy Reception Areas

    Decorative Acoustic Panels Minimise Reverberation in Noisy Foyers Hard surfaces  such as glass walls, tiled floors, timber and masonary, can look spectacular. Commercial foyers and reception areas have these surfaces in abundance. However, they can create noise problems due to reflected sound.  Decorative Acoustic Panels can installed to minimise this problem. Reflected sound, or reverberation, […]