School acoustics

  • Classroom Noise Reduced by Panels

    Reducing background noise in classrooms can reduce teacher stress Reducing background noise in classrooms can tangible benefits for both teachers and pupils.  Minimising reflected sound or reverberation can direct result in improved speech clarity and better understanding by pupils, while teachers have less need to shout or strain to be heard.  Hard surfaces like glass or masonry are usually the culprits, […]

  • Lightweight Acoustic Panels – Classroom Acoustics

    Classroom Noise a Problem for Teachers and Pupils – Lightweight acoustic Panels by Gerald Hynes Background noise in classrooms can be a major problem, but it is not always recognised. It can result in speech recognition problems and hearing difficulties for students, and increased stress on teaching staff. Reverberation and other unwanted noise can be amplified by hard floor and wall surfaces  […]

  • Serenity Panels in Kuwait School

    Recently Serenity Acoustic Panels by Sontext were installed in the Sada Hearing Rehabilitation Centre in Kuwait. The Acoustic Wall Panels were installed by The  Fit-out Division, ANCC of Kuwait. The panels were designed in association with Ms Dena Al Nashie a local Acoustic Engineer. The Serenity Acoustic Panels were installed in corridors to reduce the noise […]