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  • Noisy Video Conferencing Rooms- Acoustic Treatment

    Speech Clarity is critical in Teleconference Facilities Sontext were recently contacted by a company that was having acoustic problems in their video conferencing room. Excessive reverberation (echo) in the room meant it was difficult for the clients or colleagues to hear speech clearly. Speech clarity is a common problem in such spaces, especially those that have been converted […]

  • Video Conferencing Noise Problems

    A key pre-requisite of an effective Communications Room is speech clarity, free of reverberation or interference from unwanted background noise. Yet one of the biggest problems we face when we  set up a video conferencing room is obtrusive sound from unwanted sources. Reflected sound from hard surfaces within the room is often the cause  – from table, windows, […]

  • Office Noise Problem Solved with Sontext Panels

    One of the most common problems in todays office environment is background noise. This can be simply reverberation (“echo”) or reflected sound from hard surfaces, or the extra noise generated by other people, printers, air conditioning, etc. Common causes of reflected sound  hard are  surfaces such as glass, plasterboard and even unbacked carpet tile. This environment leads to sound simply bouncing around the room, interfering […]