Office Noise Problem Solved with Sontext Panels

  1. SerenityLite Fabric Acoustic Wall Panel

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Wall PanelOne of the most common problems in todays office environment is background noise. This can be simply reverberation (“echo”) or reflected sound from hard surfaces, or the extra noise generated by other people, printers, air conditioning, etc.

Common causes of reflected sound  hard are  surfaces such as glass, plasterboard and even unbacked carpet tile. This environment leads to sound simply bouncing around the room, interfering with direct communication.

The most effective way to reduce this noise is to install sound absorbing wall panels like Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels. These acoustic panels are available in thicknesses of 25mm, 50mm and 75mm (engineered to absorb sound at various frequencies). Serenity Panels are available in a variety of fabric colours or finishes.

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