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Murano Timber Acoustic Panels

Murano Timber Acoustic Panels


A range of Timber acoustic panels , perforated, grooved & slotted timber ceiling and wall panels.

Murano Acoustic timber panels  are available in Perforated or grooved patterns. they are also available in wood veneer, paint or decorative laminate.

Beautiful Timber Acoustic Panels

Murano Timber Panels source wood veneers from most regions around the world. This can be Tasmanian Oak from or Australia or a European Beech.  These Veneers  are also available FSC certified.

The latest perforation techniques from around the world to maximize sound absorption and reduce reverberation when installed. The panel face is laminated and finished, then precision routed to produce the desired decorative effect.

The MDF substrate on these highly engineered panels may also be perforated independently to allow sound to pass through and be dissipated.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in three surface finishes:

  • Laminate,
  • Paint
  • Natural Wood Veneers.

Perforation patterns include holes, slots or grooves.

Murano acoustic panels

Murano acoustic panel examples


State of the Art Design and Performance

Murano Acoustics integrate custom design with the latest technology to manufacture these unique panels.

State of the art CNC machinery produces the huge variety of  grooves, slots, holes and patterns that are distinctively Murano.

The core material is composed of European fire retardant, low formaldehyde (E1 grade), medium density fibreboard (MDF).  To improve acoustic performance, the panels have the distinctive black SoundTex acoustic felt attached to the back.

G32 grooved Acoustic Panel

G32 Wood Grooved acoustic Panel

The latest trend in Acoustic Wood Panels is the Grooved pattern, as seen in the picture besides. Murano Grooved Panels come in 8mm, 16mm, or 32mm spaced grooves in a variety of finishes and varied acoustic performance.

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